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Publisher: Greenpoint Press
Book Designer: Robert L. Lascaro

"This is a terrific book—fast-paced, hilarious, and so jam-packed with genuine insider dish your eyes will pop. I couldn't put it down!"

Gwen Cooper - New York Times Bestselling author of Homer's Odyssey

"A boozy, breezy freefall through the magazine industry’s fading days of glory. The Last Thunk depicts all the ambition, paranoia, and ethical ambiguity of middle management, and the toll that culture takes on its inhabitants. Take Mad Men, add 40 years, and you'd get these Mag Men who are captured so vividly by Farrell’s four-color glossy writing. Thunk reverberates.”

Tom Rock, Newsday - author of Game Seven

"A fast-paced, wickedly funny romp from a writer who has been through the wringer of the magazine world."

Charles Salzberg - author of Second Story Man


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