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The Last Thunk

THUNK! It’s the sweet sound an ad-packed magazine makes when it's dropped on a table. At glitzy Carlyle Nash Media, it’s the sound of success. And star publisher Mitch Blake has been happily hearing it for a decade. But when the heavily hyped debut issue of World Magazine gets panned in the press and advertisers start to flee, Mitch must control the damage. Can he right the ship and protect his reputation? Or will both be sunk by Paul Cavanaugh, a hard-drinking, paranoid, stress-prone staffer who has stolen an item Mitch needs back to avert disaster: a miniature beach ball.

One part pre-recession satire, one part diary of a marketing man coming undone, The Last Thunk is a story of betrayal and friendship, love and survival in the crazy, gritty, glamorous world of magazine told by the beach-ball thief himself.

NIEA Award Seal.png
NIEA Award Seal.png
The Man Who Ate His Book, one of the first literary magazines on the web, was founded in 1999 and has since grown into a dependable and ambitious resource for readers looking for engaging and thought-provoking essays, memoirs, fiction, poetry, art and humor. In this second collection of some of their best, you will spend time with a dangerous SS man in the Warsaw Ghetto, experience a kiss that lasts forever, discover witticisms lost to time, and meet The Man Who Ate His Book.

GERARD FARRELL's short humor piece, "Praise For: Codename Vengeance" appears in the anthology (under the pen name Paul MacTavish). It's a delightfully warped parody of dust jacket blurbs, and you'll find it on page 254.

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